My favorite Italian photographer, Luigi Barbano introduced me to Camogli. His family has been coming here forever to vacation, and he was kind enough to share their secret getaway with our workshop. Since then we’ve used Camogli as the base for our Italian Riviera photo workshops because it’s the perfect blend of charming fishing village and great beach town. And best of all, it’s relatively undiscovered, so we get very local feeling here.

Top it off with one of my all time favorite hotels, Cenobio dei Dogi, with it’s own private beach and rooms looking out onto the Mediterranean, and you have a little piece of paradise. From our pool at the hotel, we look out onto the most beautiful view of the town, and we’re just steps from good restaurants and gelato.

From Camogli, it’s a quick ride south to the Cinque Terre. These five towns have become uber-popular for the hiking trails that connect them, but they’re also a great place to photograph because with few or no roads, they have kept much of their centuries-old flavor. Floods last October cause some real problems for Vernazza and Monterosso, but the towns are recovering quickly.
More about photographing in Cinque Terre in another post…

It’s an easy boat ride from our headquarters in Camogli to the ancient monastery of San Fruttuoso (reachable only by boat). There you can make a great afternoon with a hike up the hill, a swim in the crystal clear lagoon and a hearty meal of pesto, where pesto was invented!

A little further by boat, we visit the most picturesque port in Italy, Portofino. That’s where we hang with the rich and famous for a few hours and get our high-end shopping on. For me it’s about walking a little to see the terrific villas and their front gardens, or taking the hike up to a lookout for great seascape.

Images of Camogli by Luigi Barbano. See more of Luigi’s photography at: Luigi Barbano Photography | the art of commercial photography

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