Liz and I just spent a sunny week on the Portofino Coast, just north of the famous Cinque Terre, which sustained some heavy flood damage last October.  We wanted to find out if the damages will affect our September workshops in the area and how we might be able to help.

I spoke with Franco Orio, president of Portofino Coast Incoming.  He described Vernazza (the hardest hit of the five towns that make up Cinque Terre), as a beehive of rebuilding efforts and said that he expects Vernazza businesses to be opening by summer and certainly by late September when we arrive.
The other town affected, Monterosso a Mare is already recovered to the point of its business and hotels opening for the season.  Liz and I have great memories in Monterosso in 2001 when we celebrated our 20th anniversary there, lounging on it’s sunny beaches.
Vernazza remains in need of help, and the threat of new landslides hangs over the town because of the weakened vegetation above the town.  Those of you who have enjoyed it’s charms with our past workshops might want to read more about the recovery…

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